Your New Favorite Fondue Recipe

Your New Favorite Fondue Recipe

Our favorite simple recipe, courtesy of Steve Jenkins, author of The Cheese Primer, 1996.


1 ½ cups Grated Gruyere

1 ½ cups Grated Emmenthaler

½ cup      Grated Appenzeller

(½ lb of cheese = approximately 2 cups)

2 tbs        Cornstarch or all-purpose flour

1              Garlic Clove - halved

1 cup        Dry white wine

1 tsp         Fresh lemon juice

                 Splash of kirsch

                 Freshly ground black pepper

                 Ground nutmeg

                 Crusty bread – cubed

                 Crisp apples – cored and cut up


In a medium bowl, combine Gruyere, Emmental and Appenzeller; toss with cornstarch. Rub the inside of a fondue pot with the garlic halves, discard garlic. Add wine; heat over medium heat until hot, but not boiling. Stir in lemon juice and kirsch.

Add a handful of cheese at a time to the wine mixture. Stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, wait for each portion of cheese to melt before adding the next. Continue to stir until the cheese is completely melted, bubbling gently, and has the appearance of a light, creamy sauce. Season to taste with pepper and nutmeg.

Remove pot from heat; place over an alcohol safety burner set on a table. Adjust burner flame so that the fondue continues to bubble gently. Serve with plenty of crusty bread cubes.

Yield: 4 servings.


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