Continuing our commitment to bringing our customers the best wine and spirits from around the world we embarked on a creative journey to develop private signature bourbon barrel selection whiskies in collaboration with three of the best distilleries in the country. Each began as a hand-picked premier barrel of unique mash bill bourbon that was then influenced by customized tasting profile choices we selected to create robust and distinct expressions of fully matured cask strength whiskey. Our team loved its quest to develop these barrel selections for you and we are proud to put our Schaefer’s name on the labels. We hope you will experience a similar joy of discovery as you enjoy each bottle.

Old Elk Distillery Schaefer’s Private Barrel Select ’23 Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 8 Years, 108 Proof – Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Colorado our Barrel #305 contained a mash bill of 51% Corn, 15% Rye & 34% Malted Barley. We celebrate our 87th year serving our loyal community with this Oak Elk bottling. The high malt in the mash bill defies industry standards, but the stunning results are undeniable. Aromatics reminiscent of the great outdoors include fresh-cut pine, cedar, green firewood, sage and rosemary. The zesty attack is mid-palate with rolling waves of light brown sugar, anise, biscotti, caramel, white pepper, light maple syrup and vanilla. Medium-bodied, gentle giant with a sinuously smooth rye spice finish that dares you to have only one glass. Accessible for everyday drinking, celebrations or embracing a rainy day.

Maker’s Mark Schaefer’s Private Selection Barrel Finished with 10 Selected Oak Staves ‘23 “¡Adios Anje!” Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 6-7 Years, 110.4 Proof – This offering employs the classic Maker’s Mark mash bill of 70% Corn, 16% Red Winter Wheat & 14% Malted Barley. An homage to Anje, granddaughter of our founder George J. Schaefer, Sr., for her years of dedication to the store. A key element to this barrel’s success is using proprietary seasoned oak staves which dramatically impact the flavor profile. We went heavy with a Seared French Cuvee stave in our mix to enhance the texture, mouthfeel and molasses notes. Other staves provide fruit, spice and nut notes. The finished whiskey possesses a strong front-palate attack and showcases butterscotch, toffee, and coffee, warm caramel, generous maple syrup, molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried ginger and baked apple. Medium-bodied with a lingering finish. It is even more graceful with a drop of water flicked in the glass. We feel a strong winter vibe here – think holidays with family close at hand with a Manhattan close in hand.

Knob Creek Schaefer’s Single Barrel Select Bourbon ’23 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 9 Years & 5 Months, 120 Proof – The signature Knob Creek mash bill of 75% Corn, 13% Rye & 12% Malted Barely shines here. A rich delicious drink on the dark side of bourbon! It definitely represents Booker Noe’s intent when he envisioned a pre-Prohibition bourbon and created Knob Creek. We are very pleased with the harmony here between raw proof and complex waves of scents, tastes and textures. To be expected, Knob Creek is never shy, but it reveals its savory self to you slowly and sumptuously. Smoke, charred wood, menthol, earth, roasted almonds and walnuts, dark caramel, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, clove and allspice and dark brown sugar goodness are supported by a fluid framework of lush textures and a plush mouthfeel. Where does it all come from? Did we mention this bold beauty spent its formative years on the 7th floor of warehouse H on rick 24? There, we said it. Balanced intensity in a full-bodied whiskey is a bourbon lover’s dream come true. Sadly, only 150 bottles were produced. Think of relaxing and relishing this one in front of your favorite fireplace or in front of your favorite ice fishing hole.

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