Grillin' and Chillin' 7-30-2021

Grillin' and Chillin' 7-30-2021
Great Grillin'...
Summertime is for grilling. And remember, with grillin', comes chillin'. Whether you're kicking back and waiting for your coals to glow or enjoying a plate of your favorite protein, our experts have the "picks" for you. 
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Rallo il Manto

Nero d'Avola


This Sicilian staple is perfect to relax with while things are heating up under the hood. Lush on the palate with plenty of cherry and berry flavors.


CAP $9.97 (reg. $11.95)

Bonpas Reserve
This Grenache/Syrah blend is a classic pairing for anything off the grill. A nice balance of fruit and spice with a touch of smokiness. 
Ronan by Clinet
Bordeaux Rouge
100% Merlot, but don't let that fool you. There's plenty of backbone and tannins to keep pace with a bone-in ribeye. A fantastic value from France!


CAP $9.97 (reg. $19.95)

It's the Sauce! 

Hecky’s Barbecue of Evanston is an institution famous since 1983 for its barbecued foods, including ribs, rib tips, and chicken, as well as for the barbecue sauce. “It’s the Sauce” is the restaurant's motto. Their recipes come from Hecky’s New Orleans ‘Creole’ grandmother, who passed them down to his mother and then to him. This authentic Southern original BBQ sauce will add the unique smoky, zesty New Orleans flavor to all your dishes. Locally made!

Hecky’s Original 
Barbecue Sauce
$6.95 (20.25oz)
Hecky’s Original
Hot Barbecue Sauce
$6.95 (20.25oz)
Charcoal - Kinda Important
Royal Oak "Chef's Select" 
100% Hardwood 
Charcoal Briquettes
$15.95 (20LB)
Hardwood Lump Charcoal
$19.95 (20LB)
Cruz Blanca "Vamos" Vienna Lager Especial
 Chicago-based Cruz Blanca Brewery makes beers that open people up to new flavors, new ideas, and new experiences. From endlessly refreshing Mexican lagers and sunny IPAs that transport us to warmer places, to the less-travelled roads of barrel-aged and wild fermentation ales, there’s always a journey in the beer that keeps us curious about what’s next.
Literally translating to Let's Go!, Vamos is a classic Vienna lager, brought to Mexico by Austrian immigrants in the mid-1800s. With its signature amber color and subtle hints of toasted malt and honey, it's brewed to prove that amber beer delivers both full flavor and refreshment!
$10.49 - 12oz/6pk cans