Bitters, Amaro, and Vermouth

Bitters, Amaro, and Vermouth

What Is the Difference Between Bitters, Amaro, and Vermouth?


Italian Vermouth in many ways is similar to Amaro, but a bit less bitter on the tongue. Angostura is a form of Amaro bitters and used to enhance beverages such as a Manhattan.

While Vermouth is most often consumed in cocktails, it is in fact a kind of wine. Vermouth is herb-infused, giving it a bitterness that complements and adds depth to your favorite mixed drink.


Amaro is a broad category, encompassing many bitter liqueurs from sweet Aperol to dark Fernet. Fernet is in fact a type of Amaro, and perhaps the most widely recognized. Try using Fernet in your next Manhattan!

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