An Amazing Collection
of Brews

IMPORTANT: Due to shipping limitations we do not sell beer online. However, you can order beer via email and we will gladly hold it for you to pick up in our store.

Here’s a toast to our incredible beer selection. Since the early history of Schaefer’s, brews have been an important part of our business. We’re always on the lookout for new beers and are glad to try to track down that unusual brew that you had on your last trip, or the craft brew that Sally in accounting heard about from her friend in Portland. We open several beers for sampling every Saturday, so that’s a good time to take a break and come on over and let us pour you one. We are constantly updating our selection to make sure it is as fresh as you’d expect.

If you have a favorite beer that we don’t carry, we’re glad to order it for you if we can get it. If you’re planning a party and need something special in a half-barrel, please give us a call. We stock several and we’d be happy to order others.