No Hassle Returns

Our Return Policy: No Questions

We’ll always take it back. It’s that simple. You may have over-ordered for a party, or given a gift or received a gift that just isn’t right. We’ll always take it back. Of course, if a wine is defective, we’re glad to replace it with a good bottle or refund your money.

We won’t charge you a re-stocking fee and we won’t ask you any embarrassing questions. We want every trip you make to Schaefer’s to be as enjoyable as possible, even when you have something to bring back. Retailers everywhere want to make it a one-way street with their customers. We recognize you as the important people you are. We want to make it easy on you.

What can't you return? If a bottle or label has been damaged, if the cork has been pulled, or if the foil is gone, we can’t re-sell it, so we can't take it back. Fresh and frozen foods are non-returnable. Beer and soft drinks are returnable in 6-packs or 12-packs.

Otherwise, almost anything that you can buy here you can return here with the same hassle-free experience. If you have any questions, call us at