Beautiful trays and party platters

  • To assure the freshest ingredients, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for an order of these trays.
  • Because of the constant fluctuation in fresh food prices, please call for pricing.
  • We are sorry to say that because of the freshness and availability factors we cannot take your order online.
  • Please stop into the store or call us at 847-677-9463 to arrange.

Classic Cheese Tray
A generous assortment of American and international favorites selected for ripeness and seasonality. Served with fresh & dried fruit and accoutrement.
Small SKU# 918 $79.99
Large SKU# 920 $109.99
All American Cheese Tray
Our favorite award-winning American artisan produced cheese selected for ripeness and seasonality. Served with fresh & dried fruit and accoutrement.
Small SKU# 18 $79.99
Large SKU# 20 $109.99
Antipasto Tray
An abundant selection of all things Italian loaded with intensely flavorful Italian meats, salami and cheese. Served with olives and stuffed peppers.
Small SKU# 23928 $99.99
Large SKU# 904 $129.99
Tapas Tray
A taste of Spain without the plane ticket – includes an assortment of fine Spanish meats and cheeses. Served with olives and Marcona almonds.
Small SKU# 23929 $99.99
Large SKU# 23930 $129.99
Charcuterie Tray
An excellent handpicked selection of artisan cured meats, salami and pate. Served with cornichons and whole grain mustard.
Small SKU# 3838 $89.99
Large SKU# 26594 $119.99
French Connection
A mosaic of earthy P’tit Basque cheese from the Pyrenees Mountains and French style saucisson encrusted with your choice of Herbes de Provence or cracked black pepper. Garnished with cured black olives from Provence.
Small SKU# 23933 $54.99
Large SKU# 23934 $74.99
Manchego Star
A customer favorite! 12-month aged Manchego layered with Spanish fig bread and served with Marcona almonds. Sweet & salty. ¡Qué rico!
Small SKU 23931 $49.99
Large SKU 23932 $75.99
Brillat & Berries
Our favorite luscious triple cream, Brillat Savarin, nestled among mounds of juicy, fresh berries. The perfect happy ending.
Serves 15-20
SKU 26985 $69.99
Smoked Salmon Platter
Paper thin slices of smoked salmon with cucumber and lemon slices, capers and dill sauce.
Serves 10-15
SKU 05 $99.99
Dessert Bar Tray
Assorted sweet treats including fudgy brownies, old fashioned blondies, fruit bars and decadent pecan pie bars.
Small SKU 920 $39.95
Large SKU 921 $69.95
Party Sandwiches
Our party sized sandwiches are not exactly minis! Choose a variety of sandwiches for any occasion. Our customers LOVE our sandwiches!
$48 / Dozen
Custom Trays
Fresh ingredients, perfectly aged cheeses, dips & spreads galore along with traditional crowd pleasers. Talk to us about your plans and let us know what you would like to do. We’re here to create the presentation you’d like!
Small / Large $ M.P.
Cracker Tray
Assorted crackers, crostini and sliced bread tailored to your specific tray selection.
SKU 24219 $34.95