Weekly Newsletter 7-24-2021

Weekly Newsletter 7-24-2021

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"Let the Sunshine In..."
Summer's racing by, so get out and enjoy. This week we're sharing our expert picks for white wine and goodies. Perfect additions to any picnic basket or beach bag. Don't forget your hat... 
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Sauvignon Blanc


Tons of citrus, peach and tangerine goodness going on here. Light and elegant with a juicy finish. A great 90-pointer from Napa!


CAP $8.97

(reg. $19.95)

Vinho Verde
Appropriately translating to beach in Spanish, Praia will blow you out of the water. This slightly effervescent white has fresh, floral aromas and flavors. It's low in alcohol too! 
Château de Romance
Bordeaux Blanc
A Semillon driven French white with loads of minerality and touch of Sauv Blanc for a crisp, clean finish. A great pairing for your catch of the day!


CAP $9.97 

(reg. $19.95)



du Vivarois


A beautiful, French goat cheese with an ivory-colored paste surrounded by a bloomy white rind. The flavor is fresh, mildly goaty (yes, it's a word) with a nice tang, a creamy outer layer and pleasantly chalky interior.


$11.99 (6oz)




From in a village near Caseificio Alta Langa, Italy this is a traditional “due latte”, made with sheep and cow's milk cheese of the region. Delicate and harmonious, sweet with a milky fragrance, super silky and creamy.


$16.99 (8oz)

BUF Creamery

Dibufala Burrata


Located high in Andean Mountains of Colombia. specifically designed to process buffalo milk. BUF is the only USDA Organic Certified buffalo mozzarella on the continent. 


$10.95 (4.4oz)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Don't forget the EVOO! Just a drizzle, a sprinkle of Sea Salt and a few generous grinds of black pepper is all it take to make your Burrata the perfect summer snack. Serve with grilled bread!


$9.95 (8.5oz)

Metropolitan "Flywheel" Pilsner
Back in 2008, when they were deciding on which beers would define their portfolio of German-style lagers, Metropolitan Brewing considered the fact that world-wide, Pilsner is one of the most popular and relied-upon styles. Pilsner is what comes to mind when you think of a simple, straight-up “beer,” and for good reason. A light golden hue, firm maltiness, bright hoppiness, and a clean, dry finish all come together to deliver a classically satisfying beer experience.

Flywheel Pilsner Bier features the spicy hop flavors and bitterness you expect in a Pilsner, but they amp up the malt bill for balance. Earthy and bright hop bitterness gets equal attention, of course. And then everything wraps up dry and crisp.

$9.29 - 6pk/12oz cans