Weekly Newsletter 1-27-23

Weekly Newsletter 1-27-23

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Great Game Combos - Unusal, Winnings Match-Ups!

(See "Featured Products" Below)

Effie's Lightly Sweet Corn Biscuits $7.95 (7.2oz)

Stonewall Kitchen Aged Cheddar Beer Crackers $8.95 (5oz)

Olivia's Beer Cheese (Hot OR Mild) $8.95 (8oz)

Stonewall Kitchen Maple Bacon Onion Jam $7.95 (11.75oz)

Skokie Provisions Poblano White Cheddar Spread $7.95 (7oz)


Score Big With These Party Favorites!

(See "Featured Products" Below)

Domaine Houchart Provence Rosé: Lively and crisp with intense acidity and great fruitiness. It’s bright, sassy, and spicy. Perfect for your world-famous chili. CAP $8.97 (reg. $14.95)

Big Shoulders Chardonnay:Perfectly balanced with lemon, citrus and a touch of creamy vanilla. Not too oaky so your palate can enjoy the second half. CAP $10.97 (reg. $16.95)

True Myth "Ryder Cup" Cabernet Sauvignon: Bold and powerful with notes of black cherry, cassis and pepper. Great for those burgers or brats. CAP $14.97 (reg. $23.95)


Short Fuse Brewing Co. Loosey Juicy Hazy IPA

A New England IPA made with generous amounts of flaked wheat, rolled oats and a ridiculous amount of American and New Zealand hops. The body is made of a natural protein haze from the unique grain bill. The nose contains notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Extreme hop profile without your typical hop bitterness.

$14.49 - 4pk/16oz Cans

Featured Products