Weekend Newsletter 10-22-2021

Weekend Newsletter 10-22-2021
It's in the Air...
Burning leaves in the fall?
Your clothes after a campfire? 
Driving thru Gary Indiana in the 1960s-70s (for those older folk)
Sipping Mezcal with a great cigar?

Napa Cellars

Reserve Pinot Noir


This Pinot shows aromas of black cherry, plum and earthy notes with a smoky oak character and baking spices with decadent flavors of strawberry, cherry, cola and notes of clove and black pepper. We think this Pinot will make all your Holiday celebrations even better!


$23.97 (reg. $34.95)

Ardbeg An Oa
Islay Single Malt
Islay whiskies from several cask regiments - including; sweet Pedro Ximenez; spicy virgin charred oak; and intense ex-bourbon casks. The result is a dram with smoky power, mellowed by a delectable, smooth sweetness. Hallmark Ardbeg peat, dark chocolate and aniseed are wrapped in smooth, silky butterscotch, black pepper and clove. Slàinte!
The slow process of cooking agave piñas in a two-meter deep earthen pit, lined with rock and wood is distinct to Mezcal. This days-long roasting saturates the sweet fibers of the piñas with the smoky signature Mezcal is known for. So, forget the "worm", we're talking about the good stuff!

$37.95 - 99.95

Several Producers

What's Your Level?


Olli Salumeria, in Virginia, makes artisanal slow-cured fine meats based on old family recipes handed down over four generations. Olli Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor. Pair with pinot noir, or porter and a piece of gooey taleggio


Nueske's family ancestors came to Wisconsin in 1882, bringing with them European skills of Applewood smoking and dozens of recipes for spicing and curing meat. Nueske’s smoked meats have become family classics in many of our homes.


Since 1947 Benton’s has been Smoking Bacon and slow curing Country Hams in the mountains of Tennessee using a time-honored, traditional process which produces world class, delicious products. And boy, are they smoky!


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