Mardi Gras - February 16, 2021

 Mardi Gras - February 16, 2021

New Orleans is the 'Spiritual' home of the Sazerac cocktail in addition to its history of jazz and grand parties.  Mardi Gras last two weeks until Fat Tuesday, but usually the party starts before and continues after - it is New Orleans after all!

On this cold wintery week, celebrate Mardi Gras with our easy Sazerac recipe.


1 1/2 oz Rye whiskey (we suggest Templeton Rye 4 Year)

1/4 oz Lucid Absinthe

1 sugar cube

3 dashes Peychaud Bitters

Rinse a chilled old-fashioned glass with the absinthe, add crushed ice and set it aside. Stir the remaining ingredients over ice in a different glass and set it aside. Discard the ice and any excess absinthe from the prepared glass, and strain the drink into the glass. Add the Lemon peel for garnish.

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