Cheese Up your Oktoberfest

Cheese Up your Oktoberfest

As the story goes, the tradition of Oktoberfest began with the huge and successful wedding bash in a meadow outside of Munich in 1810. Princess Therese and the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig really knew how to party!

They were not only celebrating their marriage, but thanking God for their abundant harvest-- and we're guessing for the crops that went into the beer! Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the third weekend in September and ends the first Sunday of October. Today, the Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world. At Schaefer’s, we love a good party too.

Here are some Bavarian cheesy ways we like to celebrate! And, as always, Schaefer's aisles are lined with the beer!

Kasseri Champignon Delicious Cambozola from Bavaria. A soft ripened cheese that is nice and creamy with bites of blue throughout. The rind is bloomy and white, the paste soft and creamy with flecks of blue. It is not a brie & it is not a blue. Cambozola has a flavor that sets itself in a league of its own. It is a nice way to introduce someone to blue style cheeses because the flavor is mild and not overwhelming We love Cambozola in autumn. It is terrific served with fall fruits like fresh pears, pear preserves, dates, & figs. Cambozola is excellent with fresh mushroom dishes, melted in pasta dishes or on top of a burger or steak. For an easy spread, buzz up some Cambozola with walnuts & a big drizzle of honey and a little salt and pepper.

$9.95 (1/2 pound)

Champignon Mushroom Brie If you love mushrooms you will really enjoy Champignon Mushroom brie. It is a beautiful, triple cream, soft ripened cheese with white or button mushrooms, handpicked in Germany at the optimum time to ensure the best flavor. The cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk exclusively from the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. Champignon Mushroom Brie is excellent on dark bread, stuffed into mushroom caps and broiled and melted into scrambled eggs.

$10.95 (1/2 pound).

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